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Synthetic Rope Shackle

Product Features:

  • 1-Piece hand-spliced construction
  • Soft, flexible HMPE nylon rope
  • Resistant to water, UV light and abrasion
  • Shock resistant and buoyant
  • Easily wraps around the most difficult pulling points
  • 30,000 lb. breaking strength and 7,500 lb. working load limit
  • Can be used with Tow Hooks or D-Rings to recover
  • Perfect for the Jeep® or Truck using TrailFX Winches and Recovery Kit
  • Limited 5 Year Warranty
 Part #WA042  Part #WA043
How To Use:
  1. Check your vehicle owner’s manual for proper attachment points
  2. Do not attach to tow points with sharp edges
  3. Open TrailFX shackle by loosening and slipping off loop over knot
  4. Thread shackle loop through end of tow rope and attachment point
  5. Push knot through shackle loop and pull to tighten