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Gull Wing Tool Box

Gullwing Tool Boxes

  • Easy access from either side
  • 5-pocket, heavy-duty plastic storage tray included

Gull Wing Tool Box Dimensions
Dimensions shown in inches*
Part No.
72” (Fits 99-Up Ford Super Duty, 72-96 Ford F-Series, Dodge Ram)
140721 - 72 19-1/4 13-1/2 9-1/8 62 17 - 9.0
69” (Fits 97-Up Ford F-150, 88-Up Chevy/GMC FS)
140701 - 69 19-1/4 13-1/2 9-1/8 58 17 - 8.8
60” (Fits 82-Up Ford Ranger, 82-03 Chevy S-10, 04-Up Colorado/Canyon, Most Import LB)
140601 - 60 19-1/4 13-1/2 9-1/8 52 17 - 7.6

Tool Box Features:

  • The widest selection of sizes and styles in the industry
  • Superior quality yet economically priced to fit your budget

Lid Design

The TrailFX lid has two layers of aluminum and a higher density foam fill than any of the competitive boxes on the market. These features make the TrailFX lid the strongest, most rigid lid on the market while adding both strength and security for the life of the unit.

Body Design

The body of the TrailFX box also features fully welded TIG seams and the built-in small parts storage bin, a patented feature. The built-in small parts storage bin adds strength to the end of the box. Others in the industry tack weld in additional pieces of metal to accomplish a similar result with inferior strength. TrailFX does not compromise!

Latching System

The TrailFX latching system features a high-quality stainless steel latch for lasting durability and convenience. The patented up-and-over rod does not encumber the working space of the box and keeps the rod out of harm's way, prolonging the life of the latching system. The double-bitted steel keys make locking and unlocking the box easy in all conditions.


The TrailFX tray is a great accessory to the box, providing a removable storage space for small items. The removable feature and deep pockets allow users to transport small items.


The TrailFX box features easy one-hand entry through the use of a self-opening shock.